Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 3

This morning was um... interesting. The laxative tea definitely works. Thankfully i didn't have any accidents in my sleep, but setting the alarm 30 min early was a very good idea. Laying in bed in the morning I had forgotten I had even drank a laxative tea, but you better bet as soon as I stood up I remembered! I spent this morning standing up sitting down, standing up, sitting down; and I never left the bathroom. However as soon as I was done I felt great!

Thankfully what they say is true. Today was so much easier. I wasn't craving food all day. Now i'm not going to lie, the mention or smell of food made my mouth water, but it was not that horrible unbearable hunger. Although when I got home the hunger hit. I pushed through and thankfully it passed. 

I managed to work out at lunch again. 30 min on the elliptical. But the battle with the scale was lost... half a pound! WHAT!!! I'm so freaking hungry and all I've lost is half a pound... I seriously have GOT to get over my addiction to the scale! I actually weighted myself like 6 times today; maybe more! I'm not going to get down, I'm going to keep on keeping on! Laxative tea hear I come! 

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