Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 2

Still hungry!!! Ok so when they say if you can get past the first 2 days they better not be kidding. I am so hungry! My fiancé left to run an errand and all I could think about was how much food I could eat while he was gone. Instead I decided on literally sitting on my couch and pretending to chew invisible food and thinking about how good it would taste. Sad I know.

So I was really worried about my energy and while I'm really worn out, I think that is more to do with work than this diet b.c I am not really that physically exhausted just mentally. So energy is ok, plus i'm worked out for 45 min at lunch. Today I did p90x ab ripper X, and 20 min on the elliptical. So I would have to say that you do get the calories you need.

I weighed myself tonight. No change :( I'm toying with the idea of kicking my habit and not weighing myself again until the 10 days are over. Although I weigh myself every time I walk by a scale; its most deff. an addiction. Other than the fact that I would now have to not only fight the urge to eat I would have to fight the urge to get on a scale I still have to wonder if it would be a good idea. On the one hand not getting on the scale and not seeing those numbers stay the exact same would keep me from getting discouraged. However; getting on a scale and seeing the numbers go down motivates the hell out of me. So I'm pondering this thought. I think I am going to go with a tentative no for weighing myself. However; when inevitably I get on the scale tomorrow we will reevaluate.

So this morning I completely forgot about the warm saltwater guzzle (Surprise, I don't really function in the morning). I made my drink and this time added the pepper in a little baggy on the side and added as I made drinks throughout the day. I have to admit I'm not drinking as many as I should. Those little buggers are just so freaking sweet. I did however change up the measurements to help a little. I did 60 oz water, 3 lemons, and 8 tbs maple syrup and 4 tbs agave. Then pepper on the side and added to each drink. Its not as many calories as I'm supposed to have but its better than nothing.

Ok so last night I completely forgot about my laxative tea. I don't know if it was the pounding headache or the  insane need to eat something; ether way I forgot it. So tonight I am making it. It says to follow directions specifically. After covering and letting seep for 15 min its time to take a taste. I don't know why but the bag feels slimy. I'm betting this is going to taste HORRIBLE! Ok drinking now....WOW! I am super impressed! This stuff actually tastes really really good! I didn't have to add anything to it and its amazing! Well finally one new amazing discovery will come out of this. I have found a new tasty tea.

Well it makes me nervous to drink laxative tea and then go to bed. It seems like thats a bad idea. But the tea box says to drink before bed and so does the diet. I think I'll set my alarm 30 min early just in case. Well i'm off to bed wish me luck... NIGHT!

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