Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lemonade Diet

OK so this is what I'm trying first. I get the idea from this fabulous girl at work. Then I researched then I bought the ingredients. There are a couple of reasons why I ultimately decided on this one.
1) The girl at work is a health junkie. However she is a real world health junkie. Someone who is too much I just can't listen too. I'm sorry but if your to much my brain is going to shut down. So if she was pro lemonade diet I game to give it a look.

2) They aren't asking you to buy anything. I don't know why but if someone is asking me to buy a bunch of magic pills and such I question it. Does it really work or do they just want to make some money off of a chunky girl. I'm an easy target. I've been skinny so I know how amazing it is, so my desire to get there again is through the roof. Also I'm getting married! Dieters are easy targets, wedding dieter are even easier. The lemonade Diet just gives you the information (you do have to go buy ingredients but from no specific brand or store).

3) When buying the ingredients I asked the lady for grade B maple syrup. The first words out of  her mouth were, "Are you going on the Lemonade Diet?" I instantly knew this is ether going to be really good or really bad. So I inquired more. She said that personally she had never done it, but that she used to work at Whole Foods and everyone that had done it LOVED it. Its a 10 day body cleanse but that one guy she knew that used to come in a lot felt so great he stayed on it for 3 months. Awesome! But that she hasn't heard a bad thing yet. Although she did tell me that the fist 2 days were hard, and to push through b.c it would get better.

Ok so now I have a ton of confidence in this plan. Its fairly simply just google it. I'll still give you all the info so you don't have to research as much as I did. There are 3 different things that have to be done. In the morning you drink a salt water concoction. Throughout the day you drink 10-12 glasses of the lemonade. At night before bed drink a cup of Laxative Tea.

Salt Water
1 tsp sea salt (has to be sea salt)
1 liter water

2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon (CAN NOT USE LEMON FROM A BOTTLE)
2 tbsp grade b maple syrup (has to be grade b, not just waffle syrup)
1/10 tsp. powdered cayenne pepper (often bottle say's finely ground)
10 oz. distilled water

Laxative Tea
Can use any type of caffeine free laxative tea (it also said you could use mint or green tea, but has to be caffeine free)

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